Sheathing a Horse

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  • 1 bar of Kirk's Coco Castile Soap (Original or Fragrance Free)
  • Sponge or Cloth Rag
  • Water


  • An accumulation of dirt and excretions called smegma builds up in the area, and must be removed.
  • Baby oil the sheath area one or two days prior to cleaning the sheath area.
  • Latex gloves may be worn or bare hands cleaned with Kirk’s Castile Soap.
  • In the winter months, prepare two buckets of warm water - one for cleaning and one for rinsing.
  • In summer months, one may use a hose for the rinsing step.
  • Place Kirk’s Coco Castile soap in the bucket of warm water.
  • With soap in hand, insert the bar soap in the sheath and penis area of horse.
  • Remove hand with soap and watch as smegma, black shavings, dirt and excess are extracted from the horses insides.
  • Gently reach into the pouch at the end of the penis with your finger.
  • If it is clean, you will feel only very soft tissue.
  • If there are firm, bean-like lumps, they need to come out.
  • If larger deposits are encountered, they also must come out.
  • Remove the waste gently by working it loose between your finger and your thumb.
  • Repeat until no visible dirt remains.
  • In winter months, using warm water rinse bucket, take clean sponge insert into the sheath and flood it with water to remove excesses and rinse area thoroughly.
  • In summer months, when you are finished, carefully insert the end of the garden hose up into the sheath and flood it with water.
  • Ensure all soap is washed away and rinse off the outside of the penis and around the sheath.

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