Cleaning Horse Tack

Kirk's remedies and recipes are suggestions provided by customers like you and are in no way guaranteed to work for all.


  • Kirk's Coco Castile Soap (Original or Fragrance Free)


  • Wet a clean sponge and rub on Kirk's Castile soap
  • Rub in small circles on tack until it lathers (do not get sponge too wet)
  • Continue rinsing sponge in clean water and rub until leather is clean from debris and dirt
  • You may have to get clean water several times
  • Take a clean sponge and water and wipe off all soap residues
  • Be cautious as excess soap residue will dry out the tack
  • Continue rinsing the sponge until you have wiped the entire piece of tack down
  • Remember to wring most of the water off of your sponge, you don’t want it sopping wet
  • It is recommended that you follow up with a leather conditioner/oil


Kirks always recommends that you try a small test patch before extensive use.

Customer Experiences

Kathleen Kirkwood wrote: "Kirk's Castile Soap is the BEST tack cleaner! It can get off mud that other cleaners can not, and it leaves your tack clean and not sticky! Definitely recommend conditioning afterwards, as it does dry out the tack a bit...but it's all I use to clean my tack!".

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